March 6th, 2010 Performance Re-Cap

I am increasingly grateful and humbled by you folks, you know that right? As someone accustomed to playing to three or four people in a largely empty room, I having a hard time getting used to having large audiences, but I’m working on it.

Stone Bridge Coffee House was packed, nearly standing room only when I arrived at 7:15. By the time I actually starting playing, the staff had to bring in chairs from the neighboring gallery and there were still people standing on the margins.

My brother Chris and his family were there, which is always a treat: I don’t get to see my brother often enough. A friend and his wife that I haven’t seen in more than two years (hi, Tangblade!!) Friends from high school. Several people I’ve never met who are now fans.

A. Maze. Ing. Thank you for a terrific night.

Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll be at Stone Bridge from 7:00 or so until the corned beef and cabbage runs out.

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