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There just isn’t room to say everything I might want to say about the songs in the jewel case inserts for the CD, so all of that is listed here on the website.

Walkin There CD Cover Art
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Former member of the celtic bands Emerald Skye and Gabriel’s Gate, and a solo performer for many years, Bill Morris sets foot on digital soil with his first CD release “Walkin’ There.”

“I get compared a lot to James Taylor, and it’s no surprise. My first exposure to guitar playing was the album ‘Sweet Baby James’, and that sound has stayed with me ever since.”

At home in the coffee shops in and around his home near Kansas City, Missouri, Bill brings to bear skills in both strumming and finger picking to Celtic and North American music, performing arrangements of the Tommy Sands standard There Were Roses and the more traditional Jamie Raeburn that will surprise and delight the listener.

Walkin’ There

Live at Heartwood Grove

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  1. David Plumlee says:

    Hi, Bill, For one thing, I thank you for introducing me to the DADGAD tuning. I like the whole C, and I have listened carefully to several of the tracks to understand the guitar parts in them. I really like White Hills of Home and may even try my rendition of that one. I am a bit puzzled as to how that song could be played in DADGAD, but I can readily understand how it could be played in the standard guitar tuning. With my limited competency in DADGAD, I will probably do my version of that song in the standard guitar tuning. I love the effect of the guitar, bass piano, and three-part vocals. I also like The Jolly Beggar; that was a great performance! D

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