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In Defense of Looping

Most of my recorded music is created by looping. Just in case you don’t know, “looping” is the practice of recording a portion of a song and reusing it multiple times to build the composition. My wife, upon discovering this sleight-of-guitar, declared “You’re cheating!” and left me to paving the road to my own damnation without her. Continue reading

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Recording progress

I like my house. It is the only house I can remember living in. It’s about ninety years old, subject to all the aches and pains that such a house is heir to, though for the purposes of this post the one I’m most concerned with is squeaky floors. Continue reading

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In the studio

I’m working on a CD, tentatively titled “Walking There”, scheduled for a June/July release. If you’d like to be notified when it becomes available, please sign up for my mailing list by clicking on Contact William in the menu, above. … Continue reading

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I just couldn’t take it any more…

A bit over fifteen years ago, I had it in my head that I was going to have a music career. (It’s not that I was wrong; I was just ahead of my time.) I took my girlfriend – who … Continue reading

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New Video…and an explanation

I got together with my friends Kent and Kevin – who have been helping me with my CD – and we made a music video. Before I give you the link, though, let me offer a little bit of history. … Continue reading

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